La movement

It took me a while to understand the concept of feminism because the way it was initially portrayed to me, I reckoned what people labelled as feminism was fundamental human rights. I still believe that its fundamental human rights but also enlightening everyone of the fact that segregating anyone on the basis of gender is an exercise in ignorance and borderline stupidity. The feminism movement … Continue reading La movement

Happy or not, here I come!

For whatever reason, many people think I am a happy, clappy, cheery person. Well, I don’t blame them. My social media feed deceives people. I have my periods of sadness and insecurities though. On a particular period, I was so sad and really needed to talk to someone. I called my friend in Boston with no regard to the time difference and started moaning about … Continue reading Happy or not, here I come!

I did not think this through

Sometimes, I do not understand how I get myself into situations like these. I decided to make myself spicy beef sauce from scratch. This involves finely dicing the tatashe (scotch bonnets) and onions, making tomato paste and cooking the beef. I made the delicious sauce and ate it with cous cous, sweet corn and peas. I went straight to food heaven after that sumptuous meal. … Continue reading I did not think this through