Welcome to my Leadership Tribe.

As an  IT/Digital Management Consultant who enjoys talking about all things leadership with a twist of humour, this blog provides an opportunity to engage people who want to know how to lead themselves effectively.

I have not always been an IT Consultant.

I started out as a Lawyer because I did not know what to do with my life (besides, there were no Lawyers in my family so I decided to “blaze the trail”).

After practising Law for a number of years, I was inexplicably drawn to Cloud Computing and eCommerce platforms.

The realisation that I preferred  all things Digital hit me and I retrained as an IT/ Digital Consultant.

My  voracious appetite for books is unrivalled (Currently, I am on a quest to finish reading a book a day) and I recommend books, podcasts, blogs and apps to boost productivity.

Just for laughs, I randomly post personal rants that give you an insight to my daily experience as a Londoner.

This is a platform for individuals in the workplace to share their leadership journey, experience and insights with a hint of humour.

Please join my tribe and contribute to the discussion.


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