Book 94 of Year 2017 – “Nobody cares who you are” by Larry Acquaviva

Official Title – Nobody Cares Who You Are: The Life & Times of Aceman, A Widespread Panic Roadie 

Genre – Non Fiction

Book Length – 308 pages

Reading Time – 5.5 hours

Style/ Plot – This is one of the best written autobiographies I’ve read in recent times. Larry takes the reader through various aspects of his life from growing up in a large family in Detroit, to his parents divorce and fights he had with his siblings.

I felt like I was part of his story from the 70s. He wrote in such a way that you felt every turn of emotion and experience.

In some ways, I related to avoid aspects of his story and it made me realise that no matter where we are and how we grew up, each of us has a story to tell that others can relate to.

Favourite Quote – “Sometimes there are things in life that unfold like a dream; moments in time that put us on the path we are destined to follow. No matter what we do, we cannot escape this, and to deny it would be tantamount to turning your back on whom you truly are.

Rating – 4.5/5


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