Book 91 of Year 2017 – “Emmeline” by JR Manawa

Official Title – Emmeline

Genre – Fiction

Book Length – 171 pages

Reading Time – 2.5 hours

Style/ Plot – Initially the book had a slow start…or maybe I’m just no longer used to reading urban fantasy books.

What’s so special about 31st Dec? Why did she decide to drink like a fool on the eve of her birthday? Why did her friends allow her drink that much?

I started getting curious. What actually happened to her parents? Why did they disappear and how come she has no other relatives in New Zealand?

By chapter 13, I was hooked. What on earth is going on with this Emmeline chic and why are there so many extra terrestrial beings in London?

As you can tell, JR wrote in such a way that my curiosity was piqued.

Favourite Quote – I have every belief that you are capable of defending yourself, you just need to find that confidence in you.

Rating – 3/5


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