Book 88 of Year 2017 – “The Simplest Way to Change the World” by Dustin Willis and Brandon Clements

Official Title – The Simplest Way to Change the World: Biblical Hospitality as a Way of Life

Genre – Non Fiction

Book Length – 172 pages

Reading Time – 3.5 hours

Style/ Plot – This book talks about how our homes can be leveraged and optimised to incrementally change the world around us by hosting those in close proximity (i.e. Opening up our homes for hospitable purposes).

Initially I did not agree with the premise of this book. I fall in the bracket of introverts who enjoy their home space being their sacred haven.

As Dustin and Brandon continued with their position about our homes being an avenue to show hospitality, I began to warm up to the idea.

This book is based on the Christian faith that recognises the value of community and neighbourliness.

I particular liked how the writers have practical steps and resources to encourage hospitality.

Favourite Quote – “Hospitality presents a wonderful way to get to know other people—and what do people do when they get to know one another? They tell stories.

Rating – 4/5


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