Book 83 of Year 2017 – “Valley of the gods” by Alexandra Wolfe

Official Title – Valley of the Gods: A Silicon Valley Story

Genre – Non Fiction

Book Length – 320 pages

Reading Time – 7 hours

Style/ Plot – This was a very fascinating read for me and I was glued till the end (even though it sometimes felt like there were too many stories at a time).

Alexandra writes about Silicon Valley and what makes it tick. She first takes the reader through the Thiel fellowship, Singularity University and YCombinator program, amongst others. The embodiment of people who just don’t want to make money…then fundamentally want to change the world.

She gives the reader more than a sneak peek into the lives and seemingly strange ways of  the individuals who move to Silicon Valley. They things they do differently, the way the think and ultimately how in a twisted way, they make the world a better place.

Favourite Quote – “Silicon Valley has always favored the young, since they are more likely to stay abreast of the newest computer science programs, but now, having to hire a lot of people for expanding companies, tech giants were seeking the self-taught.

It turned out that many tech CEOs preferred someone who had learned autodidactically rather than from a professor at an Ivy League school.

The first issue was that technology was improving faster than educators could teach it.

Rating – 3/5


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