Book 82 of Year 2017 – “Should rich nations help the poor” by David Hulme

Official Title – Should Rich Nations Help the Poor? (Global Futures) 

Genre – Non Fiction

Book Length – 136 pages

Reading Time – 3 hours

Style/ Plot – This was a very interesting book as David took the time to explore whether or not rich nations should help poorer nations.

He starts with defining what determines if a country is poor and the history of aid given to nations.

David states that the question is not supposed to be whether or not help should be given. Rather, it’s a question of how to help better (what are the best ways for rich nations to help the poor?).

The more our world becomes global (especially with migration and emerging technologies), it is foolish to think that what happens in a remote part of the world will not have an effect on the so-called rich countries.

Favourite Quote – The relatively better-off should assist poor people: to improve local and national social cohesion; to reduce the incentives for excluded social groups to threaten social and economic stability; to create economic opportunities; to reduce the likelihood of public health problems and pandemics; and to reduce rates of migration and population growth.

Rating – 4.5/5


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