Book 81 of Year 2017 – “48-hour Start up” by Fraser Doherty

Official Title – 48-Hour Start-up: From idea to launch in 1 weekend

Genre – Non Fiction

Book Length – 224 pages

Reading Time – 5 hours

Style/ Plot – Fraser does a good job of taking the reader through his journey as an entrepreneur. I like how he differentiates between “wanterpreneurs” and entrepreneurs and how one can take the step from wishing to doing.

He provides a “cheat sheet” of ways to start up a business in a weekend or 48 hours. He list tools that can help facilitate the quick launch of a business venture you’re passionate about.

Favourite Quote – “The 48-Hour Start-Up is an experiment in focus. If you just devote all of your energy to a task that has a simple and clearly defined goal, you can achieve in days what you previously thought would take years. 

If, instead, you try starting a business in the usual way, with all of the distractions that our modern lives bring, it may well indeed take you years.”

Rating – 4/5


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