Book 72 of Year 2017 – “See you in the Cosmos” by Jack Cheng

Official Title – See You in the Cosmos

Genre – Fiction

Book Length – 322 pages

Reading Time – 4.5 hours

Style/ Plot – It tells the story of an 11 year old boy who records voice notes with his activities on east so he can send to the outer space. I could not get over how naive but mature this kid was.

The narrative is so funny and innocent as the little boy, Alex, records his story about getting his first dog (Carl Sagan) and travelling on the train alone for the first time for the Southwest High Altitude Rocket Festival (SHARF).

At SHARF, he plans to launch his rocket (Voyager 3) and his Golden iPod filled with his voice notes into space so aliens have an idea about what life on earth is like.

Then he plans to find his father whom he had believed was dead but has told him otherwise.

Jack’s storytelling skills in this book are top notch. He keeps the reader engaged and racing to finish chapters. There is a rollercoaster of emotions to be experienced but you will definitely read every single page.

Favourite Quote – Steve is a little older than Ronnie but not as old as Zed. He’s more regular height too, and he has light brown hair and a goatee except it’s not that thick yet so it’s just a kidtee…” Rotfl. Hilarious.

Rating – 4.5/5


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