Book 70 of Year 2017 – “The Angry Therapist” by John Kim

Official Title – The Angry Therapist: A No Bs Guide to Finding and Living Your Own Truth

Genre – Non fiction

Book Length – 160 pages

Reading Time – 3.5 hours

Style/ Plot – The description of this book appealed to me a lot – “A no BS guide to finding and living your own truth”. There is nothing else for me to add to that description. This book is all that and more.

While reading the book, the major thing that endeared me to John was his transparency and openness about his story. It is weird but I felt safe considering how to implement his self-help strategies. I reckon it is because he gives a lot of examples from his life that are relatable.

At the end of each chapter, he provides practices for the reader to undertake. Don’t worry, they are short and introspective. It may be hard to initially do them, but they get easier with each chapter.

It is such a short and powerful book that is instrumental to helping you accept yourself and then embark on changes you want to implement in your life.

Favourite Quote – “The highest currency you’ll ever have is self awareness. Without it, it’s impossible to know what you need to change.

Rating – 4.5/5


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