Book 56 of Year 2017 – “Sugar” by Kimberly Stuart

Official Title – Sugar: A Novel

Genre – Fiction

Book Length – 250 pages

Reading Time – 4.5 hours

Style/ Plot – I needed to read fiction as I’ve been suffering from Man flu and cannot mentally process anything too deep.

To set myself in the mood, I made a 1.5 jug of hot lemon tea and switched on my Amazon music playlist to play a “lazy morning in bed” playlist. That put me right in the reading mood.

Sugar fit the bill so perfectly. Although initially, I thought it was such a soppy name for a romance novel. That was just my cynicism rearing its head as I am averse to romance novels.

This is not your usual romance novel with no modicum of reality. This actually depicts real life situations many women face.

The struggle between having a healthy relationship and an intense career. The career in this novel was the pastry chef career. Not so glam but lots of hardwork and gruelling hours.

Recommendation – I am not going to give any spoilers but if you are looking for a humorous and not too cliche, this book is for you. A little dose of romance and reality never hurt anyone on a lazy day.

Rating – 3.5/5


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