Book 52 of Year 2017 – “Year of no clutter” by Eve Schaub

Official Title – Year of No Clutter: A Memoir

Genre – Non fiction

Book Length – 321 pages

Reading Time – 4.5 hours

Style/ Plot – I don’t know if Eve intended to be funny, but this book was hilarious and informative at the same time. As you can tell, it is a book about learning to leave clutter free. She talks about many people’s tendency to never get rid of anything.

Eve tells her story about how she has been a hoarder for most of her life. She talks about a particular room in her house (hell’s room) where she keeps random stuff. Her husband is surely a darling.

Eve and her daughters embark on decluttering Hell’s room and it is quite the adventure. The things they find (dead mouse kept in a cardboard box, stolen Monopoly game pieces, fifth-grade report card…).

Favourite Quote – “Consequently, objects have become my crutch of choice, helping me to recall things I never would otherwise…Without my memories who am I? If I equate memories and objects, then to discard an object is to lose a piece of myself forever.”

Rating – 4/5


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