Book 51 of Year 2017 – “The Bully-Proof Workplace” by Peter J. Dean and Molly D. Shephard

Official Title – The Bully-Proof Workplace: Essential Strategies, Tips, and Scripts for Dealing with the Office Sociopath

Genre – Non fiction

Book Length – 294 pages

Reading Time – 5.5 hours

Style/ Plot – This book addresses a topic that a number of people face in the workplace but have no idea how to handle.

It was inspired by the bullying scandal that broke out in the NFL team, the Miami Dolphins.

Peter and Molly provide practical strategies for handling bullies in the workplace. They further classify these bullies as Beliers, Blockers, Braggarts and Brutes.

Identifying the class under which a workplace bully falls helps in engaging them effectively and ensuring one seeks help before it gets out of hand.

I really found the questions for managers/ leaders useful as it helps identifies opportunities for managers to connect with employees in their care.

Favourite Quote – “If we allow ourselves to be dependent when we are being bullied, we may acquiesce to the bully and not stand up for ourselves. If we choose to flee the scene of bullying, which many of us opt to do, we carry the stress of that experience with us to the next scene. If we choose to fight, then this book is invaluable to you.”

Rating – 3.5/5


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