Book 49 of Year 2017 – “People with purpose” by Kevin Murray

Official Title – People with Purpose: How Great Leaders Use Purpose to Build Thriving Organizations

Genre – Non fiction

Book Length – 276 pages

Reading Time – 5.5 hours

Style/ Plot – This book is almost academic in its approach but Kevin is a great story teller and he uses this technique to ensure his readers don’t fall asleep and miss out on the great research he has undertaken.

The first few chapters kept me engaged as Kevin explains how important a sense of purpose is and how we can keep those we lead more engaged.

He emphasises that giving people a sense of purpose is a leader’s role. I was highlighting this book like crazy. There were too many nuggets to choose from.

 At the end of each chapter, he emphasises key point for the reader to assimilate.

Favourite Quote – “To be able to make those decisions, people need to know what they are trying to achieve. What is the real purpose of their labours? They also need to know, exactly, what values and beliefs should be applied to those decisions And finally, they need to know what the commercial goals are, what the picture of success is, in order to be able to make the right decisions.

Recommendation – Basically, the purpose of the book is to equip leaders with ways to give people what they need to help an organisation as a whole succeed.

Kevin provides brilliant seaways for the reader to keep reading…only pausing momentarily for the much needed cup of tea or coffee (or whiskey if you are so inclined).

Rating – 5/5


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