Book 40 of Year 2017 – “Is Justice possible?” by J.Paul Nyquist

Official Title – Is Justice Possible?: The Elusive Pursuit of What is Right 

Genre – Non Fiction

Book Length – 168 pages

Reading Time – 3 hours

Style/ Plot – Although the structure of the book felt quite academic to me, it is a great way to introduce the reader to the concept of justice, how it varies from person to person, and what the purpose of the book is.

J.Paul breaks the theme “Justice” in 4 different parts. He defines what Justice is (using a theological approach), describes why it can feel elusive, provides practical examples of how Justice can be carried out, and discusses if we will ever see justice in this world.

A particular train of thought that stood out for me was when J.Paul expressed his astonishment at us thinking unjust situations will change but not turning up to election polls to vote for people who can effect such much needed changes that yield a semblance of justice.

There is a story he tells of a man, Potchen, who was given a second chance at life in a manner that spoke of dignity and justice. That story made me smile.

Favourite Quote – “The wrongly incarcerated need an advocate. They need someone standing up for them. They need a person committed to justice who selflessly invests time in pleading their cases. You do not need to be a lawyer, judge or law enforcement officer. You just need to have a passion to see those wrongly accused gain justice.

Rating – 3.5/5


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