Book 31 of Year 2017 – “Once we were sisters” by Sheila Kohler

Official Title – Once We Were Sisters

Genre – Non Fiction

Book Length – 256 Pages

Reading Time – 5.5 hours

Style/ Plot – Sheila writes a true story about the loss of her sister and the aftermath.

She takes the reader’s imagination on an expedition of growing up with her sister in South Africa, the death of her father. Her marriage to Michael. Her sister’s marriage to Carl.

The physical abuse her sister, Max, suffers at the hand of her husband. Sheila’s unfaithful husband.

The twists. The turns. The emotions. The anguish and pain of losing her sister so needlessly.

I read this book with rapt attention. Only putting it down to work during the day while thinking about how it will all play out.

I almost can’t believe it’s a real story. So sad, yet so beautiful. Life is full of twists like these.

Favourite Quote – “Life has a way of evening out the injustices it has created.”

Rating – 4.5/5


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