​Book 27 of Year 2017 – “​All In” by ​​ Stephanie Breedlove

Official Title – All In: How Women Entrepreneurs Can Think Bigger, Build Sustainable Businesses, and Change the World

Genre – Non Fiction

Book Length – ​232 pages

Reading Time –​ 6 hours

Style/ Plot – ​Stephanie writes about her transition from the daily grind of the corporate world to being an entrepreneur.

She shares the doubts and misgivings she had while embarking on her journey. The challenges of balancing family with growing a business.

She provides useful information for women who want to make the same transition.

There are step by step guides on how to make the jump and recommended resources which are relevant if you live in the US but also handy to know.

Favourite Quote – Fear of failure fed by lack of perceived skill, summed up as a lack of confidence, was front and centre. This is true for every entrepreneur at some level. I didn’t get rid of the fear. I just mitigated it by choosing to minimise the consequences in the event of failure. It did not keep me from wanting to try. It just tempered how all in I was until the concept was proven.

Rating – 3.5/5


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