Book 18 of Year 2017 – “​​Out Front” by​​ Deborah Shames

Official TitleOut Front: How Women Can Become Engaging, Memorable, and Fearless Speakers

Genre – Non-Fiction

Book Length – 216 pages

Reading Time – 4.5 hours

Style/ Plot – ​I read this book cover to cover whilst learning important points about expressing myself and engaging an audience.

Deborah is a former TV and film director who now owns “Eloqui”, a company that specialises in coaching executives to improve their communication and presentation skills.

She explains how many of us have jitters about speaking publicly but if we are to become successful, we need to constantly go outside our comfort zone.

Favourite Quote – ​Fear is a monstrous inhibitor, whether you’re facing a steep slope or a critical presentation. It can shut you down or persuade you to avoid a new experience.

Recommendation – Deborah’s target audience for this book is Women who want to speak authentically and powerfully. I particularly like how she encourages the reader to identify their communication style (Accelerator, Pragmatist, Collaborator or Analyser).

Rating – 4.5/5


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