Book 17 of Year 2017 – “​​​​Do Geese get Goose Bumps” by​​ Bathroom Readers’ Institute

Official Title – Do Geese Get Goose Bumps?: & More Than 199 Perplexing Questions with Astounding Answers

Genre – Non-fiction

Book Length – 224 pages

Reading Time – 2.5 hours

Style/ Plot – ​This has to be the funniest book I have read this year (so far). It contains over 199 random questions that we have all thought about at one point in time or the other.

My favourite questions are:
1. Did you ever notice that people who say they don’t care what other people think are usually desperate to have people think they don’t care what people think?

  1. Why are so many people afraid of clowns?
  2. Why are organic food products more expensive?

  3. Why are basketballs orange

  4. What do you call a male midwife?

Favourite Quote – Ironically, the Kellogg brothers were staunch vegetarians, but their name comes from a medieval English surname for a butcher; it literally meant ‘kill hog’”. Lol.

Recommendation – ​If you are looking for a serious but not so serious book to learn from, keep you entertained and laugh out loud, this book is for you. I randomly burst out laughing on my commute to and fro work. Plus I kept disturbing my friend by reading out answers to questions I had no idea existed.

Rating – 5/5


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