Book 13 of Year 2017 – “​​Change” by ​ Gary Bradt

The thing that tends to make my head swim is constant change. Somehow, I crave a semblance of stability but I know for a fact that the only certain thing is change.

How do I react to and accept change in such a way that I don’t experience a dip in my productivity?

Maybe Gary’s book will help? Well, it provided a very interesting and practical perspective.

Official Title – ​Change: The Tools You Need for the Life You Want at Work and Home

Genre – Non-Fiction

Book Length – 162 Pages (Paperback)

Reading Time – 2 hours

Style/ Plot – Gary writes about external and internal changes that happen to us on a regular basis. He uses my favourite tool, storytelling, to help readers understand 9 tools for leading through change.

​He divides these 9 tools under three headings:
1. Manage your relationships through change
2. Manage yourself through change
3. Manage change to create the life you want

At the end of each chapter, he summarises the major points he wants readers to grasp.

Favourite Quote – “​I can’t always control what happens, but I can always choose my response.”

Recommendation – ​This is the first leadership book, especially about change, that resonated with me. The stories were relatable and there was so much to learn.

If you are looking for a book that will help you make sense of all the madness in the world around you, this is definitely for you. It is a mindset changer.

I like the way Gary offered lessons to be learned by showing the reader a better alternative. You can be in charge of you situation if you use a learning mindset.

Rating – 5/5


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