Book 10 of Year 2017 – “​​​​Superconsumers” by Eddie Yoon

As a service provider (howbeit small scale), I have always been interested in how I can better tailor my services to my die hard consumers. Eddie Yoon calls these amazing set of people Superconsumers. In my head, I picture them wearing capes with an ‘S’ on their chest.

Official TitleSuperconsumers: A Simple, Speedy, and Sustainable Path to Superior Growth

Genre – Non Fiction

Book Length – ​240 Pages (Hardcover)

Reading Time – ​4 hours

Style/ Plot – Eddie defines ‘superconsumers’ as the most passionate customers who can have a significant impact on a company’s bottomline. He explains why the “heart over minds” principle is the secret to pricing power and super consumers can help identify this.

This knowledge helps companies make better and more cost-effective decisions. Eddie explains the usefulness of superconsumers in figuring out how to deliver unmet benefits and taking a step further to charge a fair price while exceeding delivery costs.

He further provides 8 major levels for creating a new market category (Benefit, Brand, Experience, Price, Manufacturing, Distribution, Marketing and Profit).

The book provides practical examples of brands that have leveraged on their super consumers (American Girl, Keurig and Generac amongst others) and the lessons readers can learn. He provides an approach (FUEL) to Find, Understand, Engage with and Lean into superconsumers.

I particularly like the seemingly random correlations that he demonstrates using data.
For example, in analysing data, he finds that Generator buyers are more likely to have more life insurance than they need; and those with more life insurance than they need are much more likely to be super consumers of vitamins!

Favourite Quote – “Consumers don’t buy products, they hire brands for a job to be done“.

Recommendation – This book is definitely worth every penny if you are a business person trading goods or providing services. It helps you think about your consumers in a different light and properly tailor your products to the consumers who matter.

Rating – 4.5/5


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