Book 8 of Year 2017 – “​​​The capsule wardrobe” by ​ Wendy Mak

My attraction to this book was how simple it looked. Initially I was cynical but once I got reading, I knew there were a number of tips I was definitely going to implement.

Official Title – The Capsule Wardrobe: 1,000 Outfits from 30 Pieces

Genre – Non Fiction

Book Length – ​240 Pages (Hardcover)

Reading Time – ​2 hours

Style – ​​A capsule wardrobe is one that creates multiple outfits from a handful of pieces. Wendy is a stylist and in this book, she writes about the angst women go through in deciding what to wear.

As cluttered closets create cluttered lives, she provides guidelines for ladies who want to switch things up a bit.
Wendy details 30 styles and piece that can be worn in multiple ways – ”terrific thirty”. I particularly love page 122 where she mapped out a list of 1000 outfit combos.
I enjoyed her advice so much I will outline it here:
1. Clean out your wardrobe with zero emotion and no sympathy – don’t hang on to stuff that doesn’t work (AKA bad fashion mistakes/ unwanted gifts).
2. Make decisions about what to keep and toss – She recommends her KTAGS system – Keep, Toss, Alter, Give and Sentimental.
3. Accessorise – but throw out painful shoes, impractical bags and tarnished jewellery.
She also identifies certain types of shoppers (Boring Betty & Sparkling Sally) and prescribes formulas to break the cycle of buying the same thing repeatedly.

Favourite Quote – “​Planning is the key to creating wardrobes that work. It may take you thirty minutes to do now, but it will save you precious time (and money) from fashion mistakes, such as buying the non-essentials.

RecommendationIf you struggle with your wardrobe staying stylish and practical, this book is for you. It is was so easy to read. Full of humour and practical step to declutter your wardrobe.

It provides the basics required to look stylish without breaking the bank…or a nail. Wendy’s writing style is very fluid and she makes the tips relatable and easy to follow.
Oh, and she provides a style bonus here.

Rating – 4.5/5


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