Book 7 of Year 2017 – “​​The art of living other people’s lives” by ​ Greg Dybec

After reading 2 research books back to back, I decided I needed something that was light, funny and thoughtful. I had heard on various online forums that Greg was publishing this book.

As he is quite a good writer on Elite Daily, I decided to give his book a chance…it was worth it.

Official Title – The Art of Living Other People’s Lives: Stories, Confessions, and Memorable Mistakes

Book Length – ​240 Pages (Paperback)

Reading Time – ​4 hours

Style – ​This book was hilarious and introspective at the same time. Greg is the kind of writer I’d love to read repeatedly.

He talks about how social media can make us dysfunctional in the real world. However, it provides a platform for us showcase a life we may desire.
His stories about his mum, uber drivers, writing for an underwear company, volunteering, religion etc. are hilarious but make you think also.

Favourite Quote – “Life (and especially my life) is awkward and confusing and full of bad sex and spilled coffee, and those are the memories we shouldn’t just throw a pretty filter over. When we neglect those imperfect moments, we miss a chance for real growth.

Recommendation – This is book is a really good balance between feel good and motivational. I doubt Greg sets out to be motivational but he writes in such a way that you laugh and learn at the same time.

Rating – 5/5


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