Book 5 of Year 2017 – “​ The Happiness Effect” by ​ Donna Freitas

You would think I learned my lesson about reading a heavily researched book in one day…I did not.

I was mindlessly listening to a random podcast on Spotify (I simply cannot remember the name). For whatever reason, the only thing that stuck in my mind was something about the pressure to always seem happy.

Yet another random Google search presented Donna’s latest book so I started reading it.

Boy was this yet another book chronicling detailed research about t​he effect social media has on Young Adults/ College students. I totally loved it and finished reading it in record time.

Official Title – The Happiness Effect: How Social Media is Driving a Generation to Appear Perfect at Any Cost

Genre – Non-Fiction

Book Length – 368 pages (Hardcover)

Reading Time – 6.5 hours

Style – ​Donna writes about a topic interesting to many people: the effect social media has on Young Adults/ College students.

The selfies. The filters. The showoffs. The preservation of a’brand’. The ‘God performance’. The myths. The anonymity. The mutually assured destruction.

​She uses raw data from interviews with several College kids to demonstrate the constant pressure to seem happy and successful. She demonstrates how we manicure our lives and put up a facade of what we want others to see and not our actual/ real lives.

She further makes the reader wonder how much effect this has on our overall happiness.

Favourite Quote – “​…the root of documenting experiences is insecurity. We feel this inherent need to post things that will validate our lives.

Recommendation – This is a research heavy book that tells the story of the different type of pressure millennials, Young Adults and students in this Social Media era face. If you want to understand this pressure from their point of view, this book presents a good starting point.

Rating – 4/5


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