Book 1 of Year 2017 – “Love your work” by Robert Dickie

For whatever reason, I decided that my first book this year will be about work and how to love it even when every bone in you wants to hate work.

From various published research, there is clear evidence that majority of the workforce do not enjoy what they do. Work is seen as a means to an end (i.e. paying bills e.t.c).

Official Title – Love Your Work: 4 Practical Ways You Can Pivot to Your Best Career 

Genre – Non-Fiction

Reading Time – 3.5 hours

Style – Robert starts this book with a story and this keeps the reader engaged until the very end. He shares his personal experience with success, failure, mistakes and changes he had to adapt to.

Favourite Quote – “When we view the world differently and create a new narrative about the issues we face, that is when we can start to see new opportunities for success that we did not see in the past.”

Recommendation – If you feel stuck in rut at work or with what you do for a career, this book has the potential to help you stop, think and identify opportunities to reinvent yourself.

Rating – 3.5/5


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