Why so emotional?

Emotions are a by-product of what is going on in your head and your life (and in my case…what I eat/drink).

In this context, I am broadly dividing this into happy and sad.

I am not dealing with all other emotions in between.

No, I did not get that definition from Urban dictionary or Wikipedia. It is just something I came up with.

After all, I have lived on earth for a few decades and been on both the giving and receiving ends of emotional drama and this is what I have observed:

1 There is nothing wrong with being emotional. It is how a person provides an outlet to that emotion that concerns people around them.

2 It is impossible to be happy all the time. Anyone who appears to be has a serious problem.

3 It is also impossible to be sad all the time. The same serious problem theory also applies in this case.

4 When someone is feeling sad, the worst thing you can tell them is “cheer up” or “I am sure you can find something to be happy about”.

5 Sometimes, we need to allow ourselves feel certain emotions and learn to get ourselves out of a funk.

No one is responsible for your happiness or sadness…well, no one but you.

Happiness and sadness are a by product of certain actions we take. Or food we eat. Or drinks/substances we ingest.


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