A few of my favourite books

I have been reading a book a day this year and it has made a hermit out of me. I usually need to carve out 5-7 hours in a day to read…and yes, I have a day job.

In an earlier post, I detailed how I will create time to finish reading a book in a day. One thing I quickly figured out was that any book that was longer than 250 was a struggle for me. I rescheduled those books for the weekend when I had no work obligations and I could afford additional pages to read.

So far, I have read 39 books (I am currently reading my 40th book) and you can follow my reading challenge/ journey on my instagram page.

So far, my 5 favourite books out of 40 (in alphabetic order) are:

Cause by Jackie and Kevin Freiberg:

Reading this book made me realise that policies and relationships drive the productivity and usefulness of companies that impact the world positively. Jackie and Kevin enable readers with examples of how to use storytelling to showcase causes they care about. As someone who is fully in the workplace and also has a small business (aka my side hustle), this book educates me on how I can make commitments to my customers, clients and employees by investing in sustainability performance. If you need a North star for building a company that cares, this book is a perfect starting point.


Do Geese get Goose bumps? By Bathroom Readers’ Institute:

This was definitely the funniest book I read this year. Not only was it funny, it was very informative as it offered answers to questions I had thought about but never bothered to look up. This book is sure to keep you educated and enlightened at the same time.


Micro Resilience by Bonnie St. John and Allen P. Haines:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book as I read it on a day when I felt mentally exhausted. The authors provide 5 strategies to get back on track whenever you feel an energy drain. I particularly liked the simple tips provided for users to implement the 5 strategies and boost productivity.


Neurowisdom by Mark Robert Waldman and Chris Manning:

This book made me say “wow” so many times, I had to find a better word to use for the enlightenment I received from reading this book (I ended up saying “cowabunga” a couple of times). Mark and Chris provides ways for the reader to enhance their ability and increase creativity.
This book is a practical one and you definitely need to spend time reading and carrying out the exercises the authors proffer.


The Capsule Wardrobe by Wendy Mak:

I know for a fact that in the workplace, people pay attention to how you are dressed up/ what you are wearing. As one cannot afford to ‘not care’, Wendy gives the reader a step by step and practical approach on how to be well dressed without necessarily breaking the bank.


To keep up with the books I read daily, follow me on Instagram. Let me know what you’d like to read in my book reviews.


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