La movement

It took me a while to understand the concept of feminism because the way it was initially portrayed to me, I reckoned what people labelled as feminism was fundamental human rights.

I still believe that its fundamental human rights but also enlightening everyone of the fact that segregating anyone on the basis of gender is an exercise in ignorance and borderline stupidity.
The feminism movement has come a long way and I applaud all those who have fought and even laid their lives down to ensure women can vote, drive, have careers etc.
I believe not just women should be educated on feminism, men should also. I think it is segregation to assume only women can be feminists.
I’ve met a number or male feminists and realised that if more men were educated about why the rights of a woman is no different from that of a man, one will stop encountering idiotic behaviours that trample upon fundamental human rights.
Feminism does not mean death to chivalry like many men seem to think.
It is the acknowledgement that men and women have the same political, social and economic rights.

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