Why read so much?

When I started reading a book a day for a time period this year, I wrote down reasons I was doing so. I made sure the chosen books will not take me more than 5 hours a day to complete as I have daily duties to perform/ a job.

Once I published my reading challenge, many people wondered how I will go about this.

I was grateful for the concern.

Reading is an opportunity to focus on honing my craft as a writer and storyteller.

I enjoy reading but I enjoy writing more.

However, I realised that the articles and stories I wrote in 2016 seemed so shallow.

I knew I had a lot to offer but my delivery was rubbish. You could tell that my writing skills were falling short because I was not articulating my thoughts properly.

Then I read Stephen King’s book “On Writing”. He talked about his own process and how to write to a certain level, you need to read a lot.

I agree with him.

For some people, they have the skills already and may feel that reading a lot is not necessary for them. I am not one of such people.

So far, I have read 12 books this year and I am loving it. Although this has made me somewhat of a hermit, it has also helped me think of different narratives with which to tell stories.

In a follow up post, I will share how I focus on reading and understanding what I read within the time frame I set. Admittedly, I am a faster reader than many people but I also create time to read at the expense of other activities.


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