​ Will the real CEO please stand up?

I am often amused with the number of people I meet who randomly/ casually tell me they are CEOs.

When I then ask the question about who they report to, they cut me short with “I am the boss of me and report to no one but myself”.

The religious ones tell me they report to God.
If you are the CEO of an organisation and you are effectively managing its affairs, you are definitely reporting to a board of directors…except of course your company is a mushroom company.
In which case, you are not a CEO, you are a small business owner and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
This culture of throwing big words has made me realise that generally, we find our self worth in what we do and if we do not use a title that sounds grand, nobody will understand how important we are.
They must understand how important we are or our lives are not worth living.
Okay. I am exaggerating.
How have we become a generation not happy with ourselves internally and we need to anchor our self worth to big titles and difficult to pronounce words?
I am not being a hater but if everyone is the CEO of some undercover company, who are the ones doing the actual work?
Who are the people honing in and developing their leadership skills to further develop the organisations they work with?
With the Business owners, how are they leveraging their skills and products to provide opportunities and fill gaps in the market.
How are they providing practical examples to other who want to follow in their steps.
Nobody cares how you portray yourself…we mostly care about what is being done to progressively develop our environment and quality of living regardless of titles.

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