In December 2016, TCL (The Creative Life – maker of Alcatel phones) formally acquired the rights to the defunct Blackberry brand.

Let’s talk about BB for a second.

It was the rave of the early 00’s.

I remember almost selling my soul to buy my first BB for N40k (£102). Not only did I want one badly because of the hype, I had played with one for a week and all the cool features were impossible to resist.

BBs were definitely the ish!

Then the downward spiral began. They were not prepared for the onslaught of Smart phones. Research in Motion (who owned BB at the time) could not adapt quickly enough and lost a huge proportion of the market.

As a former crackberry (a term for BB addicts) I tried to cling on to my beloved BB until I realised Google Maps no longer worked and there was going to be a BB messenger app.

Maybe I was a lousy crackberry.

I jumped ship. iPhone is now my constant poison.

However, when I read about this acquisition by TCL, I was curious. How are they going to turn around BB’s fortunes? Who even wants a BB anymore?

I am in no way being pessimistic but I believe the world has moved past having phones with keypads. Even Gen Xers now use touch screens. I am curious to know what the demand for a phone with a physical keyboard is.

These kind of moves make me think: when is the best time to stop flogging a dead horse?

How do you decide when to move on from failing ventures?


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