Just do you

One of the things that fascinated me when I moved to London was the public transport system.

I found it so good and reliable (compared to the appalling system in my home city – Abuja) that I made a decision not to bother having a car as long as I lived here.

You see, I made my calculations and decided that driving was an exercise in futility for me; especially when I considered car payment costs, insurance, MOT, parking, congestion charges and every other charge I have omitted.

I was very happy with my decision.

Until a couple of my friends from Abuja came to visit and stayed with me.

They teased me endlessly about jumping buses and using the underground as opposed to being driven as I was when I lived in Abuja.

It made me think a bit.

I had never felt insecure about my decision to not buy a car.

Now, I was questioning if that decision should be revisited.

Don’t I deserve to have a sleek car? After all, I can afford it and my apartment comes with free parking.

Then I realised I was falling into the trap of doing things just because other people thought it was a better way.

I snapped out of it and renewed my Transport for London (TFL) season’s ticket. Besides, Uber is a great alternative to owning a car if you don’t drive everyday.

I digress.

Sometimes, we do things just because ‘they’ say it is the way forward.

‘They’ tell us that to look successful, we must wear certain designer clothes, eat out every night in an upscale restaurant and drive certain high end cars.

I have nothing against these things.

Just make sure you are buying/ doing things for yourself and not because you want to impress people who will never stay impressed.





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