A book a day? Are you crazy?

For whatever reason, I have decided it is possible for me to read a book a day as long as the said book is between 200-300 pages (paperback).

This decision was inspired by my to-read list which was at 109 books. At the rate I was reading earlier, it would have taken 3 years to read all those books.

First thing I did was to whittle down my list to 98 books and then fit in these books in my calendar. This takes me to the 8th of April.

I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but I do not advice setting reading goals without a concrete reason because such goals set you up for failure; especially if you are just reading for reading sake.

However, I encourage people to determine what outcomes they want to achieve and make a decision on whether reading, watching movies or listening to podcasts will enable these outcomes.

Incase you are wondering what my motivation is, here goes nothing:

I am an avid reader. A compulsive reader maybe. I am one of those individuals who prefer reading to watching series on TV. I find that I can retain things better if I read than if I watched.

As I commute a lot for work, I always find pockets of time to read. When I get home at night, I resist the temptation to endlessly watch YouTube videos and focus on reading.

However, at the latter part of 2016, I wanted to read diverse books that will enable me write better. Hence the to-read list.

The quality of my posts and write-ups are still below standard and I reasoned that the best way for me to write better is to read more (Thank you Stephen King for telling me the obvious).

So, I have carved out time in my busy schedule to read:

a. an hour in the morning before work;

b. during my commute to and from work;

c. during my lunch break;

d. two hours before bed.

I will succeed in this adventure and I have ensured that I have the relevant systems in place to set me up for success – coffee, a reading corner and anti-glare screen protector (as I read only digital copies of books on my phone).

This post is not to encourage you to read more.


I am writing this to show how necessary it is to break down an outcome into bite sized chunks so you can achieve them and also notice when certain steps/actions no longer work.

What is an outcome you want to achieve within a time frame? What steps are you taking to achieve this?





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