7 days to Christmas with Joosr

If you’ve read my previous posts or followed my recent Instagram posts, you will realise I am currently obsessed with the Joosr App. Basically, it is an app that summarises those lengthy business books into bite sized chunks without losing the essence.

The first book summary I read on the app was “The Truth about Trump” by Michael D’Antonio.

I had already read the book when it was published in 2015 but I wanted to see if the Joosr edition captured the essence of the book in its summary.

The original book was 528 pages and took me about 6 hours to finish reading in 2 sittings. I am not reviewing the book itself in this post, I did think it explained certain things about the Trump strategy that people don’t really grasp…but that’s not the reason for this post, is it?

Now, the Joosr summary was 48 pages and took me 15 minutes to read. No kidding!


It obviously did not regurgitate the original book.

However, it explored the core message that D’Antonio expressed in his original book and it a quick way to spark intelligent conversations over Christmas dinner.

Or lunch.

Or whatever.

By the way though, the gift subscription is reduced from £42 to £9.95! That’s music to my ears.

So buy a Joosr subscription for that friend who balks at the idea of reading long books.

What is the best Christmas gift you’ve received in the past 3 years?


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