We live in a perfect world…or so it seems on my Instagram feed.

Everyday, I see pictures of perfect meals, perfect businesses, perfect marriages, perfect weddings, perfect exercise routines, perfect make up and perfect Apps.

Everything is just peachy perfect.

Well, everything in the virtual world seems to be perfect.

Then the other shoe drops.

I run into a beauty blogger at Euston Station with worse breakouts on her face than mine.

An acquaintance I met on Social Media, who happens to be the “number 1 boss, money making machine and entrepreneur” (according to his profile)  sends a DM asking for a loan.

Many of us have been surprised this year at how many #MarriageGoals have turned to #MarriageFails.

There is the pressure to keep up appearances instead of working on self improvement and gradual progress.

God forbid our flaws are exposed for all to see.

No, we work overdrive trying to make everyone believe that everything is working in our favour. We don’t have down times, just turn ups and upbeat attitudes.

In the long run, this approach damages outputs and encourages cover-ups that end up in total failure; but who can blame anyone?

Our audience expects nothing but stellar performance all the time. How dare we fail them?
Well, we do fail them and that’s what life is all about. Not all flaws are fatal and I dare say, you can leverage a flaw/ failure for a future success.


Instead of allowing the pressure of perfection dictate your actions, acknowledge the imperfections and fix forward so others can learn from you. This is more relatable than the illusion we portray on social media.

It does not matter how flawed or imperfect you think you are, you can change your outlook, put steps in motion to address your flaws and focus on your strengths.

Besides, you are only flawless when you pretend.


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