Keep the candle burning

I usually buy my fruits and vegetables off greengrocers as opposed to supermarkets.

Maybe it’s all in my mind but I find that items from greengrocers are crisper and fresher.

My trusty greengrocer is a guy called Abdul. That guy knows how to hook me up with the rarest of fruits and veg. If I want strawberries in February, Abdul is my guy.

One time, I told him about plantains and how I usually have to travel from West to South or East London to get some. 

Somehow, he hooked me up with a bunch of plantains. Do you know how rare it is to see a bunch of plantains in London?

Yesterday, I was craving very juicy mangoes. The type that’s so juicy there’s simply no posh way to eat it.

I knew I was going to be home late so I sent Abdul a text to please leave out mangoes and watermelons for me. Yes, I have his number. I don’t play with my 5 a day.

I got there and he’d reserved the best mangoes for me. Since I had made him wait for me to get back, I thought it fair to gist with him while he locked up.

I’d known he was from Afghanistan but I didn’t realise the extent to which the war and unrest disrupted his life as a young boy.

He fled to London with hopes of studying Marketing at the University but funds were tight. He’s got a knack for selling but couldn’t afford the rent for a shop.

So he did the next best thing: speak to a number of shop owners who allowed him sell fruits in front of their shops for a percentage of his profits.

He’s got a well thought out plan. According to him “Insha Allah by 2018, I’ll hand over the business to my younger cousin while I go to university.”

We spoke about much more and I learned a very important lesson from him. It is useful to keep the end goal in mind while working on the seemingly mundane.

Our dreams and aspirations are what keep us motivated and encouraged.


2 thoughts on “Keep the candle burning

  1. Is there a way ur network can raise funds to send him to school or start out his education? Rather than pay him directly, the school or institution can be paid directly instead to ensure peoples funds go to the right purpose.
    Just a thought!


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