Is Apple Pay for Apps worth the hype?

For the past couple of years, I have been driving the delivery of Software, eCommerce, Collaboration, Hosting, Mobile Apps and Website Projects. My current career description is a long winded one: IT Management Consultant.

Frankly, I like to think of myself as Miss Fix it/ Problem Solver of all things DigiTech.

Currently, I am working on a mobile app redesign piece of work. This is basically to ensure that the mobile apps (iOS and Android) of my client are in line with their current guidelines.

In English, you know how you go to a website on your computer (who does that these days?) and for some reason, you go to the app and the User Interface (UI) is different? Logo is not the same, colour is different and behaviour is appalling?

Well, yes, there are companies who (rightly) take these differences serious and require projects delivered to address these differences.

Additionally, we decided to implement Apple Pay (My favourite payment platform in the whole wide world) and explore options of integrating PayPal express and Google Analytics.

Sigh. Anyone in my shoes can smell trouble a mile off but I am not called a Problem Solver for no reason.

My management style is quite peculiar…on one of my client sites, I was actually called the smiling assassin. I believe in setting aggressive timelines and enabling my team to meet them. This piece of work is no different.

I have been given 125 days to get this delivered. I believe I can do it in 95. Years of doing this repeatedly has taught me that I must demand for a dedicated team who is not daunted with BAU activities and work relentlessly and collaboratively to achieve our set deadlines.

Before we even begin our scoping session, I can already see issues.

A number of people have an aversion to implementing Apple Pay because they think it causes an increase in abandoned carts/ checkouts, is not worth the effort and causes a decline in revenue because they are under the impression that Apple takes 30% of all purchases.

I’ll clear that up:

1. Abandoned carts/ checkout/ baskets: In reality, the reverse is the case. After reading numerous case studies, especially, what I can tell is that Apple Pay actually drives purchases and even goes a step further to activate big spenders as they find it easier to make purchases.

As a user myself, if I ever go to an app and it takes more than 3 taps on my phone to check out, best believe that I am not going to complete the purchase. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

2. Not worth the effort: I will let the numbers speak for themselves. Companies, especially in the retail sector, saw their overall transaction growth on their apps increase by 50% with Apple Pay! In fact, Staples saw an increase of 109% in overall conversion.

3. Decline in revenue:  I really wonder where this fallacy came about. If you believe the case study here, you will think differently. I know that there is also the concern of Apple Pay taking 30% of purchases but that’s not true.

In-app purchases in Apple is where 30% is taken off and not Apple Pay. What’s the difference? Basically, Apple Pay payments are made for physical goods and services and in this scenario, you are responsible for processing these payments through your own payment platform.

On the other hand, In-App purchases should be used for app functionality, services and digital subscriptions, and in this case, Apple is responsible for processing these payments on your behalf (hence the 30% fee).

In my next tech article, I will talk about the sexy bits of the architectural implementation of Apple Pay.

I am aware that a number of my readers are not UK/US/China based so I will give a road-map for ensuring that your platform is configured to be future proof for when Apple Pay is available in your country.

If you have any questions about this, please comment below :).


3 thoughts on “Is Apple Pay for Apps worth the hype?

  1. Nice write-up. I want to assume you are referring to your Nigerian readers like me. We will be waiting for your next article.

    Meanwhile, if you need developers to help build your apps we are here just for that.



    1. Great to know you are a developer! I am definitely referring to Nigerian readers as although the infrastructure does not currently exist to leverage Apple Pay, soon Nigeria will have no option but to integrate payment platforms.


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