The Single Christian Woman’s Guide – by Russelyn Williams

Every time I see a book written to address Single men or women, I involuntarily roll my eyes and walk away. I have a healthy dose of cynicism when it comes to books written for singles.

However, there was something about this book that made me momentarily push away my cynicism. 

Going through the table of contents, I was quite impressed that the author initially focused on understanding one’s foundation and then learning one’s identity. 

That got me hooked.


This 130 paged book is divided into 14 chapters. She writes as if she is having a conversation with her reader and this makes it easy to read her story and advice. 

At the end of each chapter, she asks perspective questions to enable the reader think about what they’ve read and how they can apply it to their lives.

In some chapters, she also teases out the key points she wants to emphasise. She takes her time to explain certain elements that she believes in and to me, that is key as so many authors gloss over issues that plague single christians who want to live according to the word of God.


Russelyn starts with how she made a decision to wait until marriage to have sex. 

Then she tells her story of the difficulties and emotional journey she goes through in ensuring she lives according to the decisions she has made. 

She talks us through the common voids singles face and then tells us how she has handled her own fears/ voids. I particularly liked the fact that she did not force her standards on the reader, she just showed us her own standards and how she struggles to stick with them.

In Chapter 12, she talks about the pros and cons of dating and leaves it up to the reader to decide how and if they want to date. As with her style, she gives specific examples from her life when she went on dates even when she had concluded in her mind that the man wasn’t for her.

Chapter 13 is my favourite as it is instructional on what exactly we can do when we are waiting for the right person.


If you are looking for a book that provides Christian guidelines to living the single life, this book provides that and more. You can buy this book here, here and here.


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