False Alarm…oops

I got on the train 10 minutes before departure time. I didn’t mind being early as I was reading an interesting article.

Even if I’m engrossed in an amazing book or article, I’m still conscious of my environment. It’s one of my superpowers.

After all, years of watching NCIS/CSI/Criminal minds have taught me that you need to be able to describe people in full details in case they turn out to be criminals.

Well, there were three other men in my carriage and they seemed engrossed in whatever they were doing.

Suddenly, the one in the dark blue suit and red tie got up, opened the door of the train and looked out. I was still reading my article but monitored him from the corner of my eye as I was curious.

2 minutes before the train was due to leave the platform, he got off the train. Now, if you’ve been listening to all the announcements at train stations, they specifically tell passengers to report anything suspicious. This was definitely something suspicious.

The man had left his briefcase and man bag on the train without asking any of us to  keep an eye on them. That’s not the normal protocol in London.

Conscious that if there was a bomb in that briefcase I’d be the first casualty, I quickly alerted the station/ platform guard as the conductor was no where to be found. You can’t take chances with these things.

The guard raised a code something and as I was narrating what occurred, Mr. Red tie comes back to his seat with a confused look.

Apparently, he just wanted to pick up the Metro paper. It was then I realised that maybe I may had overreacted a little bit.


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