Book Review:#Struggles

When I first picked up this book (technically, I downloaded it), I thought it would be one of those social media bashing books that tend to say every form of technology is pure evil. I was ready to disprove every single theory or statement that alluded to this.

However, this was not the case.

Craig starts by highlighting and acknowledging the advantages of technology. He goes into details to express how technology has helped maximize potential and has become leverage for advancement in different spheres of life.

Then he expressed his observation about the tendency of social media sites causing envy and ego issues on a broad scale. There are stories he tells of real individuals who have allowed social media control their emotions and life in general.

Contents of people’s social media provides the illusion of a life well lived.

As Craig puts it, “we’re living for Likes, but we’re longing for love”. So apt! Especially in a world where people rarely engage in deep/genuine conversation with others without resorting to their phones to catch up on messages or take the obligatory selfies when out with friends or loved ones.

The struggle to be as authentic as possible in a world where filters are abundant is real. Craig provides practical steps to safeguard your self-worth from being entwined with your digital lifestyle. I was particularly impressed with all the apps he recommended to prevent x-rated content and general distractions.

In structure, it is well laid out in 225 pages which are broken down in bite sizes of 8 chapters. It is uses humour to convey an insightful message.

I absolutely recommend this book to anyone seeking practical steps to stem the tide of overwhelming indulgence in social media.


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