Planning my thinking process ahead of time has always been a huge advantage for me.

It helps me focus on necessary things and do the mundane on autopilot.

For example, it is simply exhausting when I have to think about what to wear to work each morning.

I outsource that thinking to Friday nights or Saturday morning when I am listening to a podcast or murder mystery.

It may take me an hour to assemble outfits for the next week but it’s one less thing to worry about in the morning. Plus I can have a cheeky 15 mins extra each morning to lie in.

My personal favourite way of automating my process is using online tools to sort out my grocery and toiletries.

It saves me 5 hours a month. I know because I’ve kept track. That’s 5 hours I can spend on finishing James Patterson’s new book. #winning.

What are your time saving tips?


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