Tooth Hazard

Weekends are great for catching up with friends and what not. I’m quite happy staying indoors to enjoy my solitude but my friends will have none of that.

We decided to go to Ed’s easy diner to indulge in calorific, heart clogging goodness (aka burgers, fries and milkshakes).

Afterwards we went shopping, you know…to work off all those calories.

At this point, I had been with them for approximately 4 hours and decided it was best I headed home. I needed time in my zone plus that new book I got won’t read itself.

After the air kisses and hugs, I left and was smiling at everything in my way. I’m just a happy lady.

Walked in the lift up my flat and flashed a smile at myself in the mirror…there was black sesame seed stuck on the left corner of my lower teeth and nobody told me!

I am not sure how I will express my displeasure to my soon-to-be-ex-friends.


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