The voices in my head

I’m constantly fighting a battle with insecurities in my head. Sometimes I think I’m a fraud, making people think I’m better than I really am.

Other times I am so confident in myself and abilities you’d think I overdosed on Kanyeaid.

One thing I have learned over the years is that in the scheme of things, feelings are irrelevant.

The way I feel does not determine who I am unless I let my feelings overwhelm me. Just like you’d have to shower everyday to stay clean, I’ve realised I have to speak words of confidence to myself daily to stay confident.

To reduce the temptation to wallow in my feelings of insecurity, I have words of confidence written all over my mirrors and walls to remind me how much of a ninja I am.

It’s not self affirmation…its priming my brain to constantly remember who I am despite what I face.

I’m louder than the voices in my head.


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