Body Shaming

When did fat become a bad word? I’ve never understood why the preference of a minute sub sect of the society proliferates the majority of others.

Why do we think that calling someone slim/thin is a compliment but calling someone fat is an insult? I simply do not understand it.

To make matters worse, we use euphemisms to describe the word fat just so we don’t offend anyone.

Maybe it’s me but I do not understand it. As long as you’re healthy, what does it matter that you’re not thin and have all the 6 packs in the world?

Whatever size you are, own it. Don’t let anyone body shame you.

Yes, some people are uncouth and call others fat in a tone that is so derogatory, a backhand slap is the only way to get sense back into them. That’s their bad behaviour and you should not let it affect you and the way you accept yourself.

Unfortunately, the mainstream  media is not going to help with the puerile behaviour of body shaming. So this is my Declaration of Independence: your body is yours, stay healthy and own it!


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