Anger issues

Due to my seemingly calm nature, some individuals believe I am immune to anger. I can understand why it seems that way because I go deathly still and quiet when I’m angry.

Reason for this? When I was just a wee 7 or 8 year old, I was prone to bursts of anger. I will shout out loud and cause the necessary dramatic scenes. My mother tricked me into believing that if I could go a month without shouting, she’d give me a gift.

I naively believed her and anytime I got angry, I’ll swallow my emotions knowing that there was a gift at the end of the tunnel

The month ended and needless to say, I got no gift because she absolutely forgot her promise to me. Imagine? I took the disappointment well but learnt 2 lessons:

1. You’re more in control if you are calm when angry because people can never predict your next line of action. It’s easy to manipulate someone who screams and throws a tantrum when they’re angry.

2. Always obtain written agreement of any promise made to you. (Those of you who are my friends already know I ask for written confirmation about things. It’s the lawyer in me. Once bitten…)


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