Grumbling about my latest phone bill, I wondered why O2 was charging me an exorbitant fee for unlimited calls, texts and 1GB of data when I could get a better deal with EE or T-Mobile. I really didn’t want to move to those providers as I am a big O2 fan.

I got tired of being discontent and got on my O2 online account platform to chat with a customer service rep about my issue. 20 minutes and 3 customer service reps later (I don’t take no for an answer), I was switched to a plan with unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 2GB of data at 10.5% less than what I was paying previously. I am one happy customer.

This made me realize that a certain level of discontent with the status quo is necessary for a change of circumstance to occur. One can complain until one is blue in the face and your voice is sore but if you are only complaining without asking for a particular action to occur, you are better off standing on your head for no reason.

How do  you ask for something without endlessly complaining?

1. State the facts: I am a world renowned master of complaints and I can tell you that there are some skilled complaints deflectors out there who can sympathize with your situation and offer no solution. To them I doff my hat; but if you seek results, state your case in a clear, concise and coherent manner. For example, don’t scream at people on the phone asking why they are charging you a higher fee for the same service competitors provide. Calmly state your discontent and displeasure and then go ahead to state how as a faithful customer, you deserve the best from their platform and a better deal than competitors are offering and you want that now. Be prepared to wait…patience is a skill in this game of getting what you want.

2. Do not take no for an answer: I do not understand the word ‘no’ when I want something. I understand alternatives and better offers but I refuse to accept no as an answer when I have asked for a solution in a clear, concise and coherent fashion. So should you. It is easy for people to tell you things cannot change but do not accept that. Explore options with those who are in a position to help but be determined to get an answer that is not no.

3. Do not beg: Sometimes when we feel powerless to a situation, we either resort to being belligerent and rude or we beg. Neither is a good reaction but begging should not be entertained as it puts you in a position of weakness. You can ask for a resolution fairly and with respect but never beg as it gives the other party the power to refuse.

How have you turned a situation around without only complaining?


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