On my way to work this morning, I realised how famished I was. I felt that if I didn’t eat something, I may not last the whole train ride to work.

I had no clue what to eat but I knew it was necessary to put something in my belly if I wanted to stay sane.

Even without wearing my glasses or contacts, I could see that Upper Crust had a new breakfast menu. I opted for the Egg and Smoked Salmon bap and enjoyed it until I heard a crunch. There were egg shells in my bap!

I continued chewing as I could not be bothered to spit it out. Besides, egg shells are not harmful and I could do with the calcium. They are an inconvenience but definitely not harmful.

I realised that this kind of non chalant attitude is one that blinds us to the dangers of being complacent with mediocrity.

Not everything we do is harmful but we can get into a rut where we put up with non-ideal situations just because we cannot be bothered.

It gets scarier still as we can go for years eating egg shells with our bap and thinking it is normal.

It is necessary to redefine what normal is so we can periodically check that we are not being comfortable with substandard activities or results.

What do you reckon should be your new normal?


4 thoughts on “Complacent

  1. Guess keeping the effort/value add/ consequence balance front and centre in one’s mind does help us decide what too worry about or let go off.. As you rightly point out, an egg shell in your bap has fairly low consequence (unless you choose to consider it as indicative of wider quality problems) 🙂

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