Book Review: Churchill’s Trial by Larry Arnn

Churchill’s leadership has always fascinated me as he was a man ahead of his time. His leadership shaped many of the policies implemented in the 20th century and dare I say the 21st century.

Larry Arnn did a spectacular job with this book as he opened up a vista into Churchill’s life that I was not previously aware of. The internal struggles he faced and how he did not balk in the face of adversity is admirable.

The book itself is divided into three parts which cover the main milestones in Churchill’s leadership:

  1. War – This details the train of thought Churchill followed during the WWII and why he made certain decisions despite the opposition he faced.
  2. Empire – This enumerates why the British Empire played a significant role in the world affairs of the 20th century.
  3. Peace – This explains why Churchill resolutely opposed Socialism and why he reckoned it will not wise to entrust unchecked power to the Government.

I particularly enjoyed reading this book as it gave me more insight to a great statesman and Leader. He grew up in a time where there were hardly any leaders to look up to and he made himself into a great leader for other generations to follow.

I really do recommend this book as it opens insights to the leadership style and struggles that played in the mind of Churchill.



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