Mind collaboration

Often times, we fret about the unknown without considering the ‘small’ victories we have accomplished previously. Personally, I can be a nervous wreck when it comes to facing new or similar challenges but I have learned over the years that I indeed have power over my thoughts and I must not succumb to the doubts and fears that plague me.

I am of the opinion that I can do anything I set my mind to do. This is not positive thinking balderdash but an awareness of how powerful my mind is and how I must consciously ensure that I say the right things to myself so I achieve feats before me.

Currently, I am reading a book about Winston Churchill and he explained that on the battle field, what distinguishes high achievers from the pack is the fact that they device solutions and do not regard their errors as fatal or focus only on their inadequacies. They forge ahead despite the disadvantages or blockers they face.

Just like having daily showers, the mind needs to be constantly fed with the fact that we can accomplish tasks set before us. The TEDx talk by Marissa Peer is a great talk to watch and here it is below:

How do you encourage yourself in the midst of seeming impossibilities?


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