The Leadership Discourse

There is an ongoing debate about leadership –  is it an innate skill? Can it be learned?

There is no doubt that some people are naturally dominant and tend to take ownership without being asked. However, does being a dominant person equate to being a leader?

Leadership is not about occupying a position of authority; neither is it about having people cater to your whims and caprices. Leadership is mainly about creating an opportunity for people to participate in achieving extra ordinary feats.

In a society where it seems the loudest achieve the most, leadership is seen to be a shouting match. True leadership requires no distasteful competition; all that is required is authenticity and interest in developing others.

In the event that a person feels they do not have the requisite leadership skills, these skills can be learned and improved upon. I am of the opinion that leadership skills are not the exclusive reserve of a few; they can be tapped into by anyone willing to roll up their sleeves and invest in the grunt work of being an authentic leader.

There are many available resources that are within reach; books written by seasoned leaders, podcasts experts have spent time recording, YouTube videos…the list is seemingly endless.

Do not short-change yourself into thinking that you cannot be a better leader. Proactively seek ways in which you can set yourself up as a successful leader. It is not an easy journey but it is worth the investment and hard work.

In our quest for authentic leadership, it is necessary to invest in conscious, continuous and consistent self-development. This gives us the requisite skill to lead effectively and inspire people within your sphere of influence. You are the most important leader in your organisation as you have more impact on the lives of those around you than you think.

What do you think is the most valuable leadership skill?

Leadership is about building credible relationships…it is not about being a celebrity.


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